Where's the Lysol?

My little Betty Boop has been sick. She's had an awful cold and stomach flu. Last night when I sat down to write, even the cat had to throw up. But, I keep making steady progress. Chapter six is done. Only 14 or so more to go. ;)

I remember last year around this time we were all sick for months, it seemed - and I had a labor thrown in there to boot. I'm wondering if I can apply Lysol directly to the children. Is that frowned upon?

Also, Benadryl seems to have the opposite affect on my little Boop. She gets wired. I don't even want to think about the implications for that down the line.

And then this morning... her brother was heading for the bathroom and I told her to quickly shut the door before he did something unthinkable with toilet paper, so she quickly does and says,

There, now he can't get in. It's locked.

Me: Wait, how will we get in.
Her: It's ok, you can open it from the other side.
Me: But we're on this side...
Her: Toily can help us.
Me: Ok... could you please ask Toily to unlock the door?
Her: Mo-om. Toily is the Spanish word for TOILET! (in the tone that all three year olds seem to learn through osmosis - that "mom's an idiot" tone - and clearly I missed some vocab in Spanish class)
Me: OK, so, could you ask the toilet to unlock the door.
Her: Mom, toilets can't unlock doors.
Me: Right, so how will we get back in.
Her: Um, let's get my daddy.

Good idea. He comes down and says, Oh no problem - we just need to sacrifice a hanger.

He starts bending a hanger.

Me: How do you know how to do that.
Him: Let's not go there...

In the end, we got in, only to discover hours later that the door knobs came with little keys to unlock them from the opposite side and the key was right above the door.



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