Wherin Robin's Internet Connection is Restored

Whew! I'm back online. The connection went down two nights ago and I've just now reconnected. I was certain the data farm was underwater or maybe Comcast got blown up, but, um, I only had to restart the wireless router. I swear I restarted everything else, but it was the wired computer that was down, so who would think you have to restart the router. I guess you do. Consider this a public service announcement. So, here I am like a fish thrown back into the ocean taking big gulps of water up through her gills. Not to be overly dramatic.

So, here are some things we've both missed.

1) FLOODING!!! The snow has given way to great floods throughout the Northwest. I live on highlands, so it's just rainy, but many, many areas are underwater. And... my Dear Husband was in Portland on business and has been stuck there since I5 is closed, due to being underwater. A good reason to close it, if you ask me, and the passes have been closed due to avalanches and mudslides, so he couldn't go around.

He's attepting the trek this morning, so let's all say a prayer he makes it home. He's in the Volvo, not the Durango, and it's my old car that really doesn't like to get her feet wet, or cold. She's a pro at commuting to nice office complexes and driving through Starbucks, however. I'm sure my Durango is chomping at the bit to be in her shoes right now.

2) Fire - Travis Erwin, one of my favorite blogging buddies woke to smoke coming out of his computer room on January 4th. Praise God, his boys were spending the night at their grandparents, as their room is right next door. He's lost basically everything, including all the boys Christmas presents. You can read about how to help here, if you would like to. He's a very generous person and his son's are struggling with the loss of their turtle and their hot wheels and books and there's lots of little things we can do to help.

OK, I'm off to check on the little one who has been far too quiet - even if she is watching Alvin and the Chipmunks. I have lots of fun posts to come later on today. :)


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