I always pray with my eyes open

At dinner anyway, with the kids, for obvious reasons.

Last night, I asked, "Who wants to pray!" Two little hands shot up.

"OK, you pray first" I pointed at the oldest, "And you next." We're trying to teach our little Betty Boop that she doesn't get to be first at everything just because she's three and has big, persuasive eyes.

So, the oldest bows her head and begins, "Dear Jesus, please let us, everyone in this house, not be sick for at least... oh..."

Boops eyes open

"At least a week. And please help me to not cough so much... and please..."

"Hey!" Says Boop, "She doesn't have to say EVERYTHING."

"And please help Grandpa to get home safe. And please make everyone healthy."

"Hey!" Says Boop, "She doesn't have to pway so LONG!"

"And please bless this food to our bodies. In your precious and most glorious and most holiest name, Amen."

So I say, "OK, now it's your turn." And before I can get the words out, her head is bowed her hands are folded and she says,

"Deaw God, tank you for this food. Amen." Grin.

And Daddy says, "My kind of prayer - let's eat!"


traci said...

that's hysterical. I love how they wanted details on the how to's...

January 24, 2009 at 5:58 PM

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