Oh the horror

My 8 year old looked despairingly at her plate.

Me: What's the matter?
Her: Nothing. It's just, well, I guess the food doesn't look so good.
Me: (Trying to remember my resolution to stay patient, stay calm, hey, it only took me an hour to make, and it was healthy, and yummy, and.... remember my resolution!) What doesn't look good.
Her: Well, the pork looks ok, but I don't like vegetables that have been cooked and I prefer white rice to brown.
Me: (aha! A teaching moment!) Honey, do you know what white rice is?
She shakes her head.
Me: It's really brown rice, but they take off the nutritious outter part that's so good for you and just leave the white part. (This is going to be so good! It'll be the start of years of healthy eating!)

But... her face recoils in disgust and she says: You mean I'm eating rice with a shell?!

Me: sigh

And because I'm so excited about it, here is a bonus Old English Sheepdog puppy!


Landon said...

Your kids are so funny. I wish I was able to be around more to experience them in person.

Totally off subject, but did you ever get that book The House that Cleans Itself? Just wondering. I saw your post about it and was interested in it.

January 14, 2009 at 8:49 AM

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