Bedtime Stories

First, I might be getting the stomach flu, which was truly inevitable, but ya' gotta love the timing with Dear, Dear H on the road. Hopefully I don't actually go down till he gets back tomorrow night.

In the midst of me trying to hold it together tonight, the little darlings chose not to stay in their beds. Betty Boop loves to "cuddle with a real, live thing" not a teddy bear, so her sister gets the job. Sadly, Boop does not always (ever) exercise excellent self-control, which is when I generally get a report on her abuses - exessive cuddling, hair "combing", hugs around the neck way... too... tight, you get my drift.

Tonight, she comes downstairs all by herself. I ask her why she is downstairs again and she said, with a cheery little grin "I guess I was annoying my sister."

Typically the sister tells me this.

"And I thought we would need to talk about it."

Well, ok then... I start in with "You know, your sister is a really good sister to you..." only to get cut off.

"I know, but I am the one bothewing HER!"

Clearly she took that in a different direction than I was intending it. So I just sent her back upstairs and told her to stop being annoying.

"Okay!" She said, "Check on me in twenty!" With a cheeky little thumbs up.

18 hours and counting till DH returns...


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