Spectacles and Diversions

Well, folks, I'm at about 1/3 of the way through my first draft for the current WIP. Yay! That's a little over 20K words right now. Things are taking shape! I'm trying not to panic at all the things I have to go back and weave in, but that's part of the process, or so I keep telling myself.

In other news, my eldest daughter just got her first pair of glasses. She looks so darn cute! She was pretty sure that we were all just delusional and she could see fine, as long as her teacher used the right color pens on the white board. But a couple of eye tests and a cute pair of frames later and we made a believer out of her. In fact I think those are her exact frames up there in the corner. She's now such a convert that when I asked her if she could see her brother (something I often call out after he's wandered away from me) she responded, "No, I don't have my glasses on." Um, ok, but he's ten feet in front of you and at 24 pounds he's pretty visible.

Also, I'm pretty sure my Mystery Man created a diversion today by dropping his bottle behind the sofa so I'd set my netbook down. He then made a beeline for the netbook. He's a crafty one, I tell you.


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