Word count, good friends, and baddyiness.

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23,502 / 65,000

Progress continues to be made, let's not concern ourselves with the speed at this particular juncture, shall we?

In case you're wondering, the soundtrack for this book is Film Noir by Carly Simon - in my head. And it's what I play when I write. It would be perfect if some of the songs had a dance mix version for other storylines within the book, but I haven't found them. ;)

In other news, we had a super fun evening tonight with company all the way from Croatia. Well, not just to see us, but still we got cool stories and German treats for the kids and our kids and their kids hit it off great. Almost too great. The mystery man tried to kiss their little 1 year old. Oops. He's been around little girls before, but never leaned in for the kiss. We might have to have a certain talk with him a little earlier than planned.

And we ended the evening with tucking in the girls (way past their bedtime) and prayers. Boop prayed for us. With no prelude she said "Never ever let anyone do anything bad. Ever. Stop all baddyines. For everyone. Forever. Amen."

It occurs to me to wonder what particular temptations she was being faced with to elicit such a prayer. Many, many things occur to her. But I just gave her a resounding amen and shut off the light.

And I may have a new mantra. "Stop all baddyiness."


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