In case you're wondering

what a Seattlite is thinking right now about the signing of Ken Griffey Jr.... I'm thrilled. We love Junior here. That's his name, just Junior. He's like family. Welcome back my friend.

Incidentally, I'm studying some baseball history for my next novel project and it's so, so much fun. I may be posting fun tidbits here and there so stay tuned. I realize that I can't write two books at once (as my DH points out, I can't even READ two books at once) but I love to have one in the planning stages while I write the other.

And this is a spoiler alert for American Idol (scroll down)

HOORAY!!!! For Alexis and Danny. I might be a little bit in love with Danny - don't tell DH. ;) But I love them both. They are my picks for the finale. I have no need to see the other 24. Let's just skip to the last week right now and Danny can just barely edge out Alexis and they both get record deals. End of story. The sad news is that now I'll be completely emotionally invested in each episode. *heavy sigh*. Let's not have a repeat of the sad send off of Michael Johns. I expect all of you to use your telephones and use them well at the end of every episode!


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