Things of note

1) Bejeweled 2 is addictive. (And for what it's worth I now hold the high score in the House of Mystery) My dad claims he's a better speller because of a little gaff over "opponent". You tell me what's more important. Today, I'm going with gaming prowess.

2) I just discovered this blog: - she does a "secret agent" feature where you can submit the first 250 words of a WIP and a "secret agent" critiques it. This time the agent was Kirsten Nelson and it's pretty fun to read the comments. I'm hooked. Are you sensing an addiction theme?

3) I'm twiddling my thumbs (and playing bejeweled) waiting for my groceries to arrive. Oh the perils of


Patti said...

I just recently discovered Miss Snark's victim as well, courtesy of Kirsten Nelson, she has a new contest on Monday.

February 19, 2009 at 1:13 PM

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