Betty Boop on Babies

My 3 year old Miss Boop was musing today about when she'd be a grown up. I told her she had about 15 years to go, but that she shouldn't be in any big hurry. Grownups had lots to do and kids got to watch tv, and play outside, and get a lot of sleep, to which she said...

BB: Yes, but grownups also get to tuck their little babies in at night and take such good care of them! That's wonderful!
Me: You're right, hon, that's the best thing in the world.
BB: Can you believe some people don't even *want* to have babies? That's just cwazy!
Me: Well, yeah, I always wanted babies.
BB: When I grow up, can I have as many babies as I want?
Me: Sure (thinking she's about to say 500 or something crazy like her big sister would say - her sister who assumes I'll babysit them all while she goes on digs in Egypt. And I'm sure I will. And she will.)
BB: Good. I want two.
Me: Two? A boy and a girl?
BB: No. A girl and another girl. I only want two because they have to fit in the back of my Beetle Bug car.
Me: Oh, well, that's a good number.
BB: And I get to make the decision about the color and it will be pink. Do they make them in pink?
Me: For you, I'm sure they do.


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