Various quotes from Miss Betty Boop

Through the eyes of a three year old today:

Just before bed...

"My energy is slowing down. I don't like that. I like my energy to be high, not low. It's because of all the running around I did today." She then started walking in slo mo.

"I am going to see the sunset with just me and Grandpa one day! Just me and Grandpa! But not this day. And if anyone else would like to come, you are welcome to join us."
With a big hug for mommy.

Me: Do you mind going to Old Navy with me?
BB: Oh no, Old Navy is my special place. I love going there.

And walking into Old Navy while smoothing her little honey brown bob...
BB: It is important to make sure we don't go out with our hair looking messy for other people to see. I am trying to keep my hair nice. But the wind keeps messing it up.


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