Revisions - Take 2

So, I've finished round 1 of revisions, which is basically when I reread everything to figure out what's wrong - like where I need to move material around, cut material, add material, that sort of thing.

Then I made a little document map (scribbled, on notebook paper) about what I need to fix.

Now the hard part - fixing it. I'm supposed to be done by Halloween. Ha. I've got about 4 chapters to add and 2 to rework - it could be done, but depends entirely on how well the children sleep and my emotional involvement with So You Think You Can Dance - which is currently low. So, that's a good thing. Yay for silver linings.

After this is round 3 for line edits of everything, then beta readers, then round 4, then hopefully querying by January. And I do, truly, love querying, so it's a great way to beat the post-Christmas blues.

Let's hope all the good dancers get cut soon so I can focus.

PS Public Service Announcement. Don't google images for "revision" - surgeries have revisions too, apparently...


Kathleen said...

good luck!!!

October 26, 2009 at 2:06 PM
Leona said...

Good luck! But I have a question.

why do you love querying. I feel like a child who can't speak much less write when I sit down to write query letters. You are the first person I've ever heard that actually liked it. So naturally, I'm extremely curious.

October 27, 2009 at 8:43 AM
Mystery Robin said...

Thanks, K!
Leona - it's like Christmas Eve - all the anticipation that the next email to come through will be a request for a partial or a full or something even better. ;)

Whenever I get stuck while I'm writing, I usually tinker with my query, so it's pretty much ready to go when the book's done. Then I get to research agents - LOVE doing that - and daydream that one of them will be *my* agent. :) And at the same time I'm starting a brand new bright and shiny project that I'm not sick of yet. All around good stuff!

I won't say that rejection doesn't sting - it does, but usually only when I have a full out, or get a really cutting remark. But it's no worse than what I tell myself while I'm writing.

October 27, 2009 at 8:58 AM

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