Yes, I'm doing revisions

I'm in full on revision mode right now, which means:

1) I've been staring at my teeny, tiny netbook screen willing my book to better.
2) I decided to print out the first 5 chapters and stared at them all last night willing them to be better.
3) I decided what they were missing was a binder, so I punched holes in them with a teeny, tiny hole punch that does 2 sheets of paper at a time.

Now I have holes in 60 sheets of paper at random places that don't even pretend to line up in a binder, a 4 year old who is obsessed with the little white circles that came out of the hole punch in a way reminiscent of pillow pets and pink poodles, a table covered with little white circles and papers with holes punched all over them.

And my book doesn't seem any better, strangely enough.

Could it be that I can't edit, watch Biggest Loser, and talk to my DH via google chat all at the same time?


And would someone please invent a hole puncher that mulches, or perhaps incinerates, the little white circles before they spill out to enthrall little girls who already struggle with impulse control?

A steampunk hole punch would definitely do that.


Anissa said...

I am so feeling your pain.

October 14, 2009 at 4:04 PM
Robin said...

lol. I didn't realize you were holepunching your book! I thought you were doing something for the kids. . .

It's like that part of Funny Farm where Chevy Chase does everything to get started writing, puts paper in the typewriter and then straightens his desk . . .

October 14, 2009 at 5:51 PM

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