Unforseen consequences

So, the showers are being regrouted because the grout needs some help. Once discovered this meant no showering till the grout guys came to fix the grout. This means people over the age of 4 must now take a daily bath too, which take longer, which mean sometimes someone comes to the door while you are in the bath. Being a good mother, you of course instruct your children not to open the door. And they don't open the door. And the people do leave. And you feel pretty good about things.

You get pulled together, put the kids in the car and go get Starbucks, even, and wave at the guy in the lawn service van that must have knocked earlier to let you know he was here.

Then you return, and find this sign in the window.*

I'm so glad the 8 year old stayed home from school today.

* Sign says "Mom is in the bath. Sorry!"


Robin said...

I love that she added "sorry!" like she was working in the customer service department or something, lol.

October 7, 2009 at 10:41 PM

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