And I thought the finale was bad (spoiler alert)

Seriously, we're calling that a results show? It's like the Glee kids put on a results show.

Can we talk about Cat not being miked?

The poor girl's talking, and we can't hear her - TWICE. And neither could the dancers, apparently, because when she asked them to come out, we only got half of them. So she has to ask them again, and then the other three come out practically carrying Russell who's crying and shaking because his leg is all busted and she tells him to just stand there a minute. WHAT?

Then goes on with the elimination. And has to walk over to poor Ryan, because he's HOLDING RUSSELL UP!

I do not blame Cat. I blame whichever yay-hoo producer was yelling in her ear to just get on with it.


I don't want to take anything away from Russell. He's a great dancer, and it's great to have a krumper win, and it would have been a nice dramatic ending to a great season what with his busted leg and pround mama and big reaction - if we'd HAD a great season.

As it stands, it was more like the cherry on top of a mud pie. Bleh.

I want my show back!


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