A few Christmas snippets

On Christmas Eve we bundled the kids into their velvet dresses - plaid flannel for Mystery Man, thank you very much - and I should add that Boop's black velvet was twinkled up with her red striped sparkley converse and purple Dora sunglasses.

"Boop looks like a rock star." Red said on the way out.

We headed for church in the city and on the way heard little snippets of conversation from the back row of the Durango.

Red: Boop, what's the funniest thing you say?
Boop: Seriously!
Red: Would you use seriously in a sentence?
Boop: Sentence. Seriously!
Red: No, a sentence is...
Boop: I know what a sentence is - it's what you use when you can't see. You've got 5 of them: smell, touch, ears...
Red: No, a sentence is...
Me: Just leave it alone - Boop doesn't correct well. But I did try...
Me: Boop, Red meant a sentence, and you were talking about the senses.
Boop: Yeah, that's what I call them for short.

Then we made it to service where our pastor read from the King James Bible in a giant, leather armchair wearing a matrix overcoat, a red plaid scarf, and a studded bracelet and he totally owned that look. I love a little steampunk in my Christmas!

Today was a flurry of paper and bows and tissue and squeals and giggles - also robotic bugs (Mystery Man is running away from one right now), robotic hamsters (I persuaded Boop not to trim it's whiskers), sparkly guitars (Mystery Man absconded with Boop's when she wasn't looking and stashed it in a back bedroom), plastic firehouses (with loud, loud sirens), hungry hippos (so fun!), bacon and eggs (so yummy!).

My Red One asked for a Webkinz for Christmas, a bird Webkinz so she can get the treehouse room - so I got her a robin. Of course. I should have taken into account her quirky, slightly obvious sense of humor because she's been making jokes all day. Most recently she told me,

"Hey Robin, have you seen my Robin? (giggle fit) Oh, I don't think I'll ever get tired of that joke. I don't care if it is a little on the nose."

Now, DH is off looking for takeout so I don't have to cook tonight and we're headed to a movie once the kids fall asleep (don't worry, their grandparents will be here).

Thanks for letting me share my Merry, and quirky, Christmas! I hope you've all had a lovely day, too.


Robin said...

Merry Christmas Robin! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Josh and I love hearing stories about your kids. They always crack us up.

Hope you had a fun date tonight!

December 25, 2009 at 9:48 PM
traci said...

It was a very fun morning! Your kids are crack ups. Lv you sis!

December 26, 2009 at 6:45 PM

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