Seriously, we're calling that a finale

Was anyone else a little disappointed in the SYTYCD finale last night? Or is everyone else a little more emotionally healthy and not quite as invested?

It was just like any show during the season. Ugh. Season 6, I shake my fist at you!

In other news, Mystery Man does not approve of Cafe Lladro's straws, and foam art is lost on him. He took out all of our little black straws when we got home and replaced them with straws from the pantry. He's also not big in changes in routine.

Also, I've officially finished with Lamplight. I just fixed an action scene. I wish the whole book were dialog, which it occurs to me, is a screenplay. But I don't want to write a screenplay, so I'd better figure out how to make my main character RUN. He'd rather just chat about running. Much like me.


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