Slug Bug

I think I've mentioned before how my kids like to play slug bug in the back seat. Except instead of "slugging" we play for "slug bug queen" bragging rights. Here's a little snippet from the other day.

Red: Slug Bug
Me: Nope - Mini Cooper
Red: Slug Bug
Me: That's a Smart Car
Red: Slug Bug
Me: Try PT Cruiser.
Me: Slug Bug
Me: Slug Bug
Red: Shouldn't you be keeping an eye on the road?
Boop: Slug Bug!
Red: Where?
Boop: The pink one! Slug Bug! Slug Bug! Slug Bug!
Red: Oh, sure, all the imaginary pink slug bugs count. Then I see a slug bug - look at all the imaginary blue slug bugs - they're everywhere! Slug bug, slug bug!
Me: Didn't you guys like that penguin song...'turning on ipod'


Kimber An said...

Oh, I hated that game as a kid 'cause I was always too slow and, being the youngest, couldn't give as strong as slugs as my brothers whom my mother did not regulate.'



January 1, 2010 at 5:34 AM

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