You've been watching too much SYTYCD when...

1) You're walking through the house thinking you should be able to do a standing back flip, and that housework would be so much more fun if you could

2) You inadvertently add Adam Shankman to your Christmas list - this is not quite as bad as when you kept finding things you thought Lorelai would like for Christmas.

3) On your to do list is "wish all my favorite dancers a Merry Christmas" on twitter, facebook, or wherever you happen to stalk them

4) You're really bothered by the "top 6 finale" - why? Are the changing the format? Trying to end the season sooner? Not enough weeks till Christmas? Did they get as sad as I did when Legacy left, so they've just decided to end it? Is this more fall out from the best tap dancer EVER not getting on the show this fall? *cough* Kasprzak *cough*

Ok, so, I'm off to get a grip...


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