Christmas Outtakes

To her older sister after she unwrapped her wooden dolls and paints, "But sharing is part of fwiendship! Someone needs to teach her to share her things!"

Just before bed, after discovering I forgot to give them their mini nail polishes the little one says, "I want to dwop it in my stocking myself!"
Me: ok, do you know which is your stocking?
Her: Yes!
And she goes after a giant cream colored stocking. She brings back said stocking and with a flourish drops her tiny bottle of nail polish inside, then looks at the creamy stocking with disgust.
Her: Hey... why it not turn pink?

Going to bed on Christmas night, I read them the Christmas story one more time, then said I would pray for them.

"I want to pray!" My little Betty Boop squeaks at me. So she prays, "Deaw God, I pway for my sister's tummy (which has been better for a month), and for MORE CHRISTMAS!!!"

I ask her how we could have more Christmas and she patiently explains, slowly, with exaggerated hand guestures, "Because God could make it more Christmas."

I try again, "But what would that look like, if we had more Christmas tomorrow?"

"More presents!!!!"


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