Happy New Year's Eve!!!

Happy New Year's Eve, blog buddies.

No, I am not, did not, attend the festivities at the Needle, but I do LOVE the Space Needle. Instead, we took the fam bowling. Our church puts on a NYE bowling event every year. This is our first year attending. The girls were thrilled, since they've been wii bowling since Christmas. Betty Boop can get a strike while draped over two sofas and swinging the wii-mote sideways. It's a special skill of hers.

Actual bowling proved a little more difficult. First, the ball is heavy. Second, mom doesn't let her just toss it overhand. Third, Dad gets a little testy when she runs for the food table then tries to hang out with the other bowlers, who we don't necessarily know.

We just so happened to be bowling next to my pastor and his five perfectly behaved children for an added level of anxiety. Our church is very large and I don't actually know my pastor personally, but he just preached on parenting and I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a Betty Boop in his house. Sunday I ran into him at church for the first time (it's a VERY large church) just as I was... ahem... calling rather loudly... after Miss Boop to STOP AT THE GATE! DO NOT RUN INTO THE PARKING LOT! There he was standing at the gate and I'm praying "God, if you love me, PLEASE let her stop at the gate." Whew. She did. And she didn't fling a ball into his lane or overturn the food table so I'm calling the evening a success despite one meltdown and one very sad mystery man who burst into tears every time his mom got up to bowl.

I hope your New Year's was as adventure filled as mine. :)

Stay tuned for Robin's New Year's Resolutions. I'm pretty sure I didn't make any last year as the Man was born 4 days prior and my big resolution was to survive the year. Check. On to bigger and better things!


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