Silent Storm

I apologize for the blog silence. It mimicks my silence in real life as I have lost my voice. Not, oh, that's cute, it's kind of raspy. No, I can't talk. Occasionally I can muster something above a whisper but only at great cost to my already horribly painful throat.

And so I whisper, which is not entirely bad as the kids now whisper back to me and only sometimes ask why we are being so quiet. The downside is when one of them lunges for the other's neck, I've only got my flying body tackle to stop them.

In other news, we have a full blown winter storm headed to Seattle. YAY!!! I love snow and I love storms, especially since there's no chance I'll get stuck at work in it. It once took 3 1/2 hours to get home. I slipped all the way across the bridge and ultimately got stranded at a McDonalds. Poor DH had to come rescue me after taking an hour and a half to get him and the kids home. And my cell phone died. So I was calling in a pay phone booth in two feet of snow with high heels. Eating french fries.

No chance of that this time! But, the red one did leave her coat at church so I've got to go get that in the morning, and I extracted a blood oath that she'll wear the purple puffy down coat from last year even though she now hates it because otherwise she'll turn into a big red popsicle.

Also, a word of warning... my favorite podcaster, Mur Lafferty of I Should be Writing, just talked about an author friend of hers who had to be treated for a pulmonary embolism - blood clot. Apparently, according to his doctor (and we know this via Twitter via Podcast) people who sit in chairs for several hours per day (so, yanno, writers) are at HIGH RISK of blood clots. Well, not me, because I have small kids. The longest I sit down is driving to school to pick up the red one. But one day I hope to actually have them all in school and write for long stretches and I'd better be getting up to mop the floor or run around the block every two hours. That's what the doctor said, move every two hours at least. So I'm passing on the public service announcement.

And if you don't hear from me for a while, we've lost power, or become popsicles, or maybe we're outside making snow angels and drinking fairy milk. :)


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