Homicidal writing tools - or something like that

fail owned pwned pictures
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I just grabbed that from failblog.com. I think it's hilarious. I assume they meant that they're on duty during the evening, but maybe they were going for goulish. I don't know. Great for a mystery blog, though!!

In that spirit (the spirit of grabbing cool things from other blogs) I thought I'd let you know about some things going on in the blogosphere.

Nathan Bransford is doing the "Be an Agent For a Day" contest till Saturday night. You get to read 50 queries - 3 for books that have been published - and either accept or reject them. You can accept 5 in your quest to find the 3 published books. It's fun, and enlightening. I thought reading slush would be oh so much more fun than it really is!

Editorrent is doing a workshop of sorts right now to help you get your logline nailed down. The worksheet they have up there to help you create your logline is also really helpful for getting (or recapturing) the vision of your book.

Also, Savvy Verse and Wit has a bunch of giveaways listed on her blog right now!

I'll be checking back in later today. The monkeys are all sick. DH is traveling. And I need virtual adult interaction. Will they ever not be sneezing and coughing? This is my big question right now. I bought them all spring time jammies to try to convince us that it's spring - even though we're still sick and wading through puddles and swampy grass outside. I think we all need to move to the desert. And, just to give you a little window into my life, all through this post the Mystery Man has been leaned over my lap unplugging, plugging, unplugging, plugging in my computer - from the back of the computer, not the wall lest you fear he might electrocute himself. And Boop has been begging me to tie her shoe - which is really my shoe, but she's determined to learn to tie shoes before her big sister. I suppose that will be a lifelong feather in her cap and she knows she only has a small window to obtain it and I'M NOT HELPING! And now Mysterey Man has done something to this posting window so all my text is justifying weird. I don't know what or how he did it. I hope it looks ok when it posts. This is my life, folks!


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