Pop! Goes the zombie

There's been a rash of Popcap gaming going on here at the house of mystery. First there was Bejeweled 2, then Peggle and Zuma... and so...

This made someone in our house curious (who shall remain nameless but I'll just say that his name rhymes with Shmee Shmaych). This led him to check out the Popcap website himself, where he found info on their next game: Plants vs. Zombies!!!

He even found a music video promoting the game. Yes, you read that right. A music video

I tried to embed it to no avail, but you can see it here.

So we now have a video with a dancing sunflower singing about the zombie apocalypse with a bouncing ball (I mean brain) on the words. And what is a Shmee Shmaych to do? Why, he calls his red head with the quirky sense of humor to see the video, of course.

She laughs. She says it's hilarious. She can't wait for the game.

Night falls.

Long time blog readers may remember her little issue with zombies last winter. She slept with a cardboard tube that her mother (me) insisted would neutralize the zombie threat. Her teacher would tell me she looked too tired in class - yes, it's hard to be alert in the morning when you've been up all night standing vigil against zombies with your paper tube.

Guess where, or should I say, with whom, I slept with all night.

If we had a dog, you'd know where Shmee Shmaych slept, too.


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