A peaceful Easter morn

Or. Not.

I have two very sick mystery kidlets this morning. Fortunately, I had already planned a candy free Easter. As a child, I always saved my jelly beans for weeks, carefully doling them out day after day. Guess what I found out - not all kids do that! And then they get all crazy. So... no candy. Instead we're doing a plastic egg hunt and they get to trade their eggs in for little prizes like stickers and bouncy balls. I'll let you know how it goes over. It's a change in tradition, but one of the benefits of never telling the kids about an Easter bunny. I have full Easter privilages.

I think they'll love it but I'm a little worried about Miss Boop becoming too mercenary as it is. I will occasionally pay her older sister for doing things that I feel are over and above the call of duty - like putting away her sister's toys after said sister has fallen asleep, stuff like that. Well, Boop is wise to it. And while Red has a heart of gold, Boop's might look more like paper currency.

For instance, this morning she came running to me saying "Mama, mama, come quick! Mystery Man's booty smells like poo!" Eww. I go running. And as I pass her she says, "Do I get money for that?" No. And his booty was fine.

You can think of me ministering to my sick little mysterylings this morning while DH and Red go to church. I'm planning a viewing of The Easter Carol (Veggietales) in lieu of going to church and infecting the masses for the little ones.

So, no bunny, no candy, no baskets, no fun family gathering just me wiping noses and keeping Mystery Man from escaping out the front door, but all that really matters to me is that He is still risen and I have little guys to pass on the Good News to - whatever the state of their noses.


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