Never stop with their first answer

DH and I are sitting on the sofa perusing the Tivo Now Playing menu. He has his laptop open.

ME: What are you working on over there.
DH: A little Bejeweled action
ME: How's your score?
DH: I don't keep score. I play for the existential benefit of relaxing and other such things.
ME: So you haven't beat the current score of 98,000?
DH: *smirk playing at the corner of his mouth* If I had, you'd have heard about it!

Example #2

Betty Boop let out a wail of distress when she found out that my sister, otherwise known as The Fun Aunt had gone home while she was in bed. Please read this conversation imagining an intense emotional pitch, near panic, and rising with each answer.

BB: But I wuv my aunt, I miss her so much, I MISS HER SO MUCH!
ME: Oh, why do you love your aunt so much?
BB: Because she brings FURBALL with her! (Furball is the name given to my sister's cat, changed to protect his identity from, yanno, cat thieves and such...)
ME: But you have Norah. (our tortie cat)
BB: But I like Furball better!
ME: Why?
BB: Because Furball is all white!
ME: And you like white?
BB: White reminds me of chocolate and I like white chocolate best of all!

And there you go. So perhaps I can buy her a block of white chocolate and she'll be totally over her aunt leaving while she was in bed and taking the furball with her. Also, I do feel a little sad for Norah. It wasn't all that long ago that Boop was rolling a soup can around pretending it was her pet... because she didn't have any pets. Except poor Norah, of cours.


traci said...

fur ball and fun aunt made the blog!! more posts about them please... they seem very fascinating :)

April 5, 2009 at 8:27 PM

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