Impulse Purchase and Simon Says

I bought myself a present for having a hurt toe and an ulcer about taking care of the Mystery May - The Rosetti Letter. Of course I couldn't think of anything actually ON my TBR list at the time. I'm a sucker for any book that weaves storylines from the present with the past. I'll admit, I can see more "bones" in this story than I'd like. I think that's part of the curse of being a writer and reading. CURSES! But it's definately compelling so far and now I want to visit Venice.

And now a tidbit from games of Simon Says at our house.

We were teaching Betty Boop how to play - or rather DH was while I played Bejewled2 in an adjoining room - so addictive!

First he ran through a sample game, he tripped her up with the "Oh, I didn't say Simon Says" thing (I used to hate that as a kid!) So then she got to be Simon.

BB: Simon Says touch your head.
DH touches his head.
BB: Simon Says stand on one foot.
DH stand on one foot.
BB: Simon Says touch your whole body.
DH touches his whole body really fast
BB: Simon Says...

DH: You know, you should try to trick me sometime and not say Simon Says.

Betty Boop looks quizzically at him then says, "I just like telling you what to do."

Telling, very telling.

Then we get her sister, the Red Head, in on the game.

BB: Simon Says stand on one foot.
They stand on one foot.
BB: Simon Says hop up and down.
They hop up and down.
BB: Simon Says... anyone who has to go potty GO POTTY RIGHT NOW!

Betty Boop took off for the bathroom.

ME: Is she really going potty?!

DH: (doubled over in laughter) Yeah, and it sounds like she had to go really bad!

She is so gonna hate me for blogging this when she's 16, but it was pretty funny.


Blaze said...

Heehee! Simon says is the best! I can only imagine you little BB getting into it! How cute! :)

March 18, 2009 at 11:19 AM

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