Please, Megan, please!

Tomorrow, American Idol is on. I'm trying to not be snarky about The President booting Idol to Wednesday. I'm sure he had important things to say. I'm sure he did. But does he realize HOW MANY TIMES I've had to listen to "Walkin' After Midnight"???? To say I've played it 100 times would be a conservative number. Mystery Man comes to me, remote in hand, pointing at the tv and going "Gah!"

"Gah" means "Mystery Mom, would you please put on the new love of my life, Megan Joy? Thank you, dearly." and "GAH!" means, "I might DIE if I don't hear Megan again!"

He always sits transfixed while she's on. He claps like a proud boyfiend at the end of the song, just as she's winding down, actually, and then grabs the Tivo, goes "bloop, bloop, bloop" and she's on again.

Now, I could end the madness and stop playing her, but he's sick. And when he's standing there looking pathetic and crying because I won't vacuum, again, I can just flip on Megan and he quiets down. I'd say I've possibly abused this tendency.

I've downloaded all of her songs to my iTunes, but I can't get them on the big screen and that's really where I need options.

Mr. Obama, I've born with great patience this one extra night of Walkin' After Midnight, but really, I had to dig deep. It probably cost me another 20 viewings. I know every vocal lick, every half smile, every hand motion, and it plays in my head constantly. Any time my thoughts go still, cue the soundtrack... "out in the moonlight, just like we used to do.." I used to think she had kind of a quirky voice. Now I'm not sure there IS another voice. Anywhere.

So please, Megan, please sing a great song tomorrow. You have no idea how much I'll be listening to it. And if the rest of you could throw her some extra votes, the House of Mystery would really appreciate it.


Kathleen said...

Rob, this is so funny. Possibly not to you, who is living it, but to me, I love it!!!

March 25, 2009 at 6:17 PM

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