The Mystery Man has a Crush

On Megan Joy from American Idol. There I was, trying to watch American Idol - I usually watch it during the day the following day - and he was not happy. He wanted to watch Handy Manny. I know this because he brings me the Tivo remote and does this little head bob dance and stomps his feet. It's the same dance he does when the theme music plays. But I just wanted to get through the songs.

Finally, in frustration, I said "Will you just look at the pretty girl on the screen?" And he did, look at the screen. Then Megan came on and he was enrapt. He watched. He pointed. He said "Ga... Ga ga... Ga!" and when she finished he clapped and grinned.

I thought it might be a fluke, but no. I showed it to his dad and he did the same thing and when they did the wrap up at the end of the show, where they do a clip from each performance he was minding his own business, playing with his truck, till Megan came on and he stopped and watched and clapped.

So, he seems to have a thing for quirky blondes with a bluesy-rock edge. I'd been wondering what his type would be. ;)


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