She''s safe!


Not even in the bottom three. That's the power of shlove... I mean love.

Also, you should all be happy to know that Huey has his power cord back so I've got more blogging, writing, and Amazon.comming ability. The world has returned to it's axis. You know if the power cord hadn't broken Sione and Filipe would not have escaped my scathing wrath as I sat here on the sofa watching their hissy fits on The Biggest Loser. (Seriously, he yelled at Jillian. Jillian! I love Jillian!)

And you'd be hearing all about my new Heroes addiction (I'm so behind the times - even with Greg Grunberg. I feel my tv crush on Greg Grunberg isn't nearly well documented enough). So, maybe you're not so sad the cord was down and out.

Now I've got to reread 85 pages or so of manuscript and get back in the groove. Between kids coughing fits and stumbling out of bed because they dreamt about a giant man-eating worm. Wish me luck!

And Megan - pick a good song next week, hon! The Mystery Man cannot stand this kind of stress. He starts doing crazy stuff like putting his pacifier in his mouth backwards and playing Don't Break The Ice obsessively. He couldn't even eat his goldfish crackers tonight! It should be an easy week with the theme, which I hear is "Top 100 iTunes Downloads" - I have some suggestions if you want to give me a call. Mystery Man thinks the theme song for Handy Manny would do nicely. It's gotta be in the top 100, right?!


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