Love vs. Shlove

My 11th grade English teacher told us once to think about what the theme of a particular book might be, saying, "people don't write books just to write them, they have something to say."

I'm not 100% sure that is always the case, but I know one theme that is close to my heart is the sacrificial, enduring quality of love. And I don't mean taking a bullet for someone. That's the easy stuff. I mean the day in, day out, negotiating the remote, the chores, who's gonna carry the crying baby to the bathroom tonight and get thrown up on in the hall. That kind of stuff!

I love happily ever after, and I don't like to write about angst, but I do believe that without committment, love is nothing. It's not even really love. It's something else -- let's call it shlove. And shlove is talked about everywhere. It's ubiquitious. It's worse than Google.

I try to write characters that count the cost and do the work, because the best stories are ones that inspire and encourage, not make you wonder if you picked the right person because your happily ever after isn't looking so shiny today - When Harry Met Sally, Pride and Prejudice, The Philadelphia Story, Luke and Lorelai (on the good seasons).

So, yeah, it wasn't her best song, but The Mystery Man and I voted for Megan about a hundred times, because that's what you do. My texting bill is gonna hate me.


traci said...

mm's girl lives to see another week!!!

March 26, 2009 at 9:51 PM

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