And Happy Halloween to you, too!

Well, it's over. The marathon Hallowe'en session is over.

I got the little red headed princess off to her Reformation Day celebration. The archery comepetion was a big hit - bobbing for apples not so much "I'd have to get my face wet! I mean there were towels, but c'mon." That's my girl. ;) Also, apparently the feast of chicken legs et al was not a complete success either. She's never had a drumstick because I can't stand them. And neither can she it seems - "Mom, did you know the meat is slithery?!" Ewwww.... fortunately they had lots of candy. ;)

The little monkey went with me to volunteer that morning, take the princess to tennis (and yes, inc ase you're wondering, you *can* play tennis dressed as a Renaissance princess) then we scarffed down some pizza and headed to the masquerade party at church.

This is where the little monkey and I were separated. Yes. I left her in the church nursery. She likes the nursery. She plays ring around the rosy and kitchen and trains and loves it. Except last night. She did not love it. When I picked her up, this is the conversation we had the ENTIRE ride home:

her - I played with kids!
me - you did?
her - then I called "mama?! mama?!" (this is done as a reanactment with her putting her little hands to her mouth and calling all around the car)
me - you called for me?
her - yes but mama all gone. I cry. Tears fall on my face. Tears fall off my face. I call "Mama?! Mama?!" But mama all gone.
me - I'm sorry honey.
her - I hold mama now. I hold mama's neck. Daddy!!! Stop the car!
me - Why is daddy stopping the car?
her - So I hold mama's neck!
me - Just wait, we'll be home soon.

This played on a constant loop for about 20 minutes, with a brief interlude where she reminisced about her other recent horror, getting carsick with Daddy and throwing up in the car.
her - I throw up!
me - yes, you threw up
her - I go like this "cough" "cough" "cough" (again with the reenactment)
me - I know, I'm so sorry.
her - I threw up on my car seat.
me - yes, it was terrible
her - I threw up on my WIGGLES SHIRT!
me - yes, I'm sorry, we're washing the shirt
her - mama all gone

and so we went back to the previous loop...

and I am very happy that today is the first of November. ;)


Kathleen said...

welcome November!

I'm sure it wasn't fun at the time, but the little monkey totally had me laughing! "I cry. Tears fall on my face. Tears fall off my face." aw - I just want to give her a big hug! :)

November 2, 2007 at 11:05 AM
Blaze said...

OH my gosh! Those two are so cute!!!! Every time I read about them, I laugh out loud! What sweethearts!

Here's hoping that you have a wonderful relaxing Friday and weekend! :)

November 2, 2007 at 2:25 PM
Mystery Robin said...

I was laughing too - and crying a little by the time the day was over. LOL!!!

November 2, 2007 at 3:01 PM

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