Missives from query land...

Still sending queries, still getting responses, still editing furiously, still working on my synopsis. Oh, the dreaded synopsis!

Also, just wanted to see if anyone's been watching The Office the last couple of weeks in particular. The last two episodes are the sort of thing that make me want to write - to keep going - keep editing, creating characters, giving them life and depth and humanity. I know, it's nowhere near my genre, but real characters are what it's always about for me.

The last two weeks the show has ended on just that perfect note of poignancy that makes you wish you could reach through the tv set. Last week it was Michael and Jim's exchange at the birthday party. Michael seemed like a real guy- vulnerable - having maybe been even *more* of a real person once upon a time before 10 years at Dunder Mifflin made him what he is now. And we saw Jim blanche - saw him see himself in 10 years. This week we saw that glimmer of vulnerability again when he told the guy that had interviewed him that he was a nice person, too. It was just the perfect amount to keep the characters real, so the laughs are even more funny.

OK - enough anaylsis. Back to editing and the synopsis!


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