But first a plea...

Before the fun schedule post - I've got a favor to ask.

It's October, and therefore CHRISTMAS season begins in my house!!! No detractors, please. It's not my fault Halloween and Thanksgiving are stuck right in the middle of the Christmas season. ;)

So, please, I'm looking for some good Christmas fiction. I love reading books set at Christmastime, but a lot of them are really hokey which takes all the fun out of it. I usually end up rereading The Christmas Carol, but I need more! Any suggestions? Pretty Please?!

Also, let me know if you have any favorite Christmas movies. My must-watch-every-season films so far are:

Meet John Doe (Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper)
Christmas in Connecticut (Barbara again!)
When Harry Met Sally
White Christmas
The Bishop's Wife (the Cary Grant film, not Denzel, though I usually love him)

Thank you in advance!


Kathleen said...

hope its going well! I have been thinking about your plea, because I would benefict myself. (you totally nailed the Xmas movies - love love love Christmas in Connecticut). Unfortunately I haven't come up with any suggestions yet.

Also, I am assuming yes, but do you suscribe to Grammar Girl's podcast? I just started and I think of you whever I listen - it just seems SO up your alley.

Can't wait to hear the book update!!!

October 12, 2007 at 12:23 PM
Mystery Robin said...

Ah, I'm so happy to know that you love Christmas in Connecticut! Isn't it wonderful!!

And yes, I'm a devotee of Grammar Girl. I love her. I remember walking around after one of her podcasts informing people that they *could* split infinitives. I'm such a nerd. ;)

October 12, 2007 at 2:43 PM

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