I'm done!!!!

I did it! I'm done! Woo hoo!!! The paper edits have been completed, and only one day behind schedule! YAY!!!!!

My wonderful two year old went to sleep at 7:30 tonight and I've been working non-stop ever since with the World Series on in the background (Tivoed). And now I'm done!!!

I'm giving myself until Tuesday to type in the edits, because I want this out the door to the beta readers in October, and the 31st will be crazy busy.

This is such a good feeling!!!

OK, now not to rain on my own parade, but I will say that I did a touch more cutting and I'm worried about the word count. I have a couple of scenes waiting in the wings that I'll probably polish up and insert while typing in the edits - gotta keep the word count reasonable. That's the only thing really concerning me right now.

November will be all about querying. QUERYING! WOOO!!!!


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