Betty Boop and the Missing R

Last Sunday I asked Miss Boop what she learned in Sunday School, before getting a chance to talk to my older, possibly more sensible, certainly more logical, daughter.

She said, "We learned that there is a guy who always tells us the wrong thing to do and we shouldn't listen to him. And we learned we have to follow the rules or the gods will get angry!"

Um... I since we don't go to Greek Myth Church I pressed her further, and she got exasperated and said,

"You know there are gods! You see them sitting in front of the door when you drop me off!"

Oh. Guards. The Security Team. Because of course we live in a day and age when you have to get a pager when you drop your kid off so only you can pick said kid up and no one without a pager gets past security.

But she didn't mean the pantheon of gods. Gotta work on that r.

Then I asked Red about the guy who always tells us the wrong thing to do.

"Oh," she said, "we were learning about the Roman emperor when he wouldn't let people pray."

Got it.


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