How do they know me so well?

Today was one of those days... and I didn't even drop a latte on my head.

One of my many battles today was over food. Miss Boop wanted grapes before lunch, and corn chips, and I warned her that she needed to eat her sandwich (peanut butter and honey is the only kind she'll eat, so I do at least serve it on multigrain bread with soy protein, which could, as I reflect, be part of the problem).

Miss Boop did not eat her sandwich.

I conveyed my displeasure and insisted on no snacks till dinner. Somehow, she outwitted me and got her hands on a protein bar. So dinner rolls around. She drinks her juice and announces that she is full.

Oh no, little missy.

"But I am full from the very top of my head all the way down to my toes!"

"Alright," I said, "but I am leaving your plate on the table till bedtime, and if you get hungry between now and then, you are eating *this* - got it!"

Oh yes, she got it.

She did not get hungry. She went to bed with her sister at 8. Then, about half an hour later, she tiptoed down the stairs carrying a piece of yellow construction paper.

She said, "My sister told me to tell you that my position is that I am hungwy, and I will eat anything that is not dinner."

I made sure I was hearing this correctly, "Your position?"

"Yes, my position is that I am vewy hungwy."

Then she handed me her paper and I saw written in crayon, in her sisters hand, the words: Hungry. Please feed.

I hung my head in defeat... and got her a chocolate chip granola bar (with soy protein).


Melissa Marsh said...

HAHAHAHA. I loved this, Robin!!!

August 27, 2009 at 9:46 AM

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