Betty Boop was Appalled

Upon finding a dime sized spot on her car seat this afternoon...

BB: Oh no! A snack was mangled on my car seat!
Me: Ok...
BB:I am going to need a new car seat, this one is ruined!
Me: I'm sure I can clean it up for you.
BB: I am serious! I am not joking about this. I think a cracker melted on it!

Later, on the same drive home...

BB: My car seat kind of reminds me of a toilet, except it doesn't have a lid or a flusher.
ME: I TOLD YOU I WOULD CLEAN IT! It's not that bad!


Robin said...

LOL! My carseat reminds me of a toilet . . . your girls are a riot, Rob!

August 21, 2009 at 12:26 PM

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