Activities so far this morning:

1) get up way too early after being up several times in the night with children who couldn't stay in their beds (and weird dreams of epic battles - just finished Harry Potter 7)

2) Cleaned kitchen, including sweeping up cereal three times as a certain mystery man kept tipping a bowl over.

3) Made 3 year old cry by asking her to stay out of the kitchen while I swept and mopped. Nicely. Was this so unreasonable?

4) Created rules around where and when paper airplanes may be thrown. Hint - anywhere near mama's head is out!

5) Asked 8 year old to please be human, not dog, etc. This is a commonly repeated request.

6) Asked 8 year old to stop throwing checkers all around the room in attempts to juggle.

7) Promised crying 3 year old I would sew Wall-E's head back on as soon as I can. Let's hope I can figure this out.

8) Shopped for a jack in the box at Amazon for Boop's birthday. Delighted to find Humpty Dumpty Jack in the box. Not so delighted to find shipping was $10. This violates my cost of item vs cost of shipping ratio. Also found Obama and Ken Griffey Jr. jack in the box. This disturbed me.

8) Found that gluten free instant oatmeal is only marginally edible.

It's only 9:12 and I haven't had a full cup of coffee yet. I can't imagine what the rest of the day holds...


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