One Week Later

It's cooled off sufficiently for me to blog again. Sorry for the delay, folks, but when the temperature indoors reaches a certain point, all non-essential brain activity shuts off.

What you missed:

Red Head: Oh no, it's the evil laugh.

I've heard that quite a few times recently. I get it from my grandmother.

Red Head: I don't think you would have wanted to live during the middle ages, mom. I hate to tell you, but they didn't have gluten free stuff back then. And it was all cow dairy, too.
Me: And there's that little matter of indoor plumbing.
Red Head: Yeah, I mean, they didn't even have a crapper.
DH: incoherent laughter
RH: What, that's what it was called.

Thanks Fun Aunt for the very educational Underground Seattle tour where Red Head saw an original Crapper. She hasn't forgotten.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCMENT: Do NOT do a Google Image search for a crapper. Just don't.

I had lots more fun quotes. I know Boop had a few. But the short term memory section of my brain may have fried like a desktop computer with a broken fan. So sad.


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