Robin's on a roll!

Word count goal for Lamplight - check! I also wrote 400 words on another project. I have 2 projects besides Lamplight competing for headspace right now. One is historical fiction set in 1920 called The Voice of the City and the other is women's fiction/mainstream called Beside the Golden Door. Working titles, anyway.

When I get stuck, I write a little on one of those and it helps unstick me. I still haven't committed to which I'll give full energy too once Lamplight is in editing land, but it's nice to have options for now. I'm sure it depends on how much research I'll have done. Each require a lot of research, just of different kinds.

In other news...

I took three monkeys, or shall I call them fish today, to the pool at the YMCA. They had a blast and wore their mama out. Mystery Man is not really friends with the water, yet, but he did have fun trying to splash his sister.

Red Head was thrilled to show me that she can swim the entire length of the pool and back. And she can. It's just that there were little ropes across the pool every 10 feet or so, to let you know it was getting deeper. And she doesn't like to get her face wet. So every time she'd come to a rope - she'd hop out onto the side, walk to the other side of the rope, and hop back in. So... she wasn't breaking any time records, but she did swim the length of the pool! Sort of. ;)

** that's a picture of a robot fish. How cool is a robotic fish??


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