Laudry bots and nice looking boys


Betty Boop: Is there a little boy somewhere, waiting for me to grow up so I can marry him?
Me: Yes, I do believe there is.


Betty Boop: Someday I will find a nice looking boy to marry and then I can have two kids to ride in the back of my beetle bug car.

We've been working on the concept of marriage with her. She didn't understand for a long time why she couldn't marry as many people as she wanted, and why if she did marry, she couldn't keep dating nice looking boys. Hopefully we've got some of that straightened out, now. Her future husband thanks us, I'm sure.

Also, the kids had a turn at laundry today. Which means I haul the laundry downstairs, sort it, wash it, dry it, pull it out, fold it, then they run it upstairs. All while I have the flu. They aren't exactly poster children for Amnesty International.

And yet, we had this conversation:
Red Head: (with a smirk) When I grow up, I'm inventing a robot that does laundry for you.
Me: Someone already did, it's called a washing machine
RH to Betty Boop: Mom gets a little sarcastic when she's sick.


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