Saturday recap

Favorite kid quote of the day:
Boop to Red Head: Wemember when you sang that song to me last night? It made tears come down from my eyes, it was so beautiful.

Apparently my eldest sang my youngest girl to sleep last night - they share a room. Awwww... one wonders why they declared war on each other today, but ah well. Take the warm fuzzies when you can get them.

Other highlights: Red Head lip syncing to Paul F. Tompkin's Ghost Stromboli routine. With much drama. It was hilarious. I can't really convey how hilarious it was on this blog, but I've never actually seen comedy lip synched before and it's fabulous. Just pull up a routine on you tube, then imagine a pint sized girl with tons of red curls and a melodramatic flair delivering it.

Oh, and how could I forget. After DH let me sleep till 10 am today (yay, DH!) I came down with my back all tweaked from sharing my bed with two tiny usurpers who crowded me, so I asked him to pick me up and crack it. Well, something cracked, but it wasn't *my* back. Oops. He's been in pain all day. He pretty much got in his car 10 minutes later to go see his chiropractor. Then came back an hour later, still hurting. Which is when he announced that he would be lending *emotional* support all day, but would be sitting on the sofa with his books and ipod, unable to lift any small humans.

And there went my dreams of Starbucks - down the drain.

I said as much, and as if angel wings had sprouted from his spinal mishap, he said that while he couldn't watch the children while I went, he could drive, and he left and came back with a vanilla latte. Awwwww!!! Another warm fuzzy! Taking 'em where I can get 'em, because then he pretty much did sit on the sofa all day.

And 500 words... 568! YAY! Warm fuzzy number 3!


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