Keeping up the word count!

Word count goal - check! I'm acing this 500 word goal. Should have done this a loooong time ago!

Favorite thing that happened today: watching the Mystery Man very carefully and with great care and focus drop every one of the cardboard letter tiles from Betty Boops' board game down his shirt. He had a plan. He executed. He completed. I have no idea why - but it was important to him.

Also, after putting the kids to bed I heard a plaintive cry for help from Red. I trudged up the stairs to see what was the matter, and there she was reading with a book light while Boop giggled. I asked what was wrong.

Red: She's bothering me! She keeps asking question after question after question - it's driving me nuts!
Boop: *Maniacal giggle*
Me: Boop, stop bugging your sister, it's not funny.
Boop: *giggle* but it's funny to me!

Light off. Boop asleep. All is well - except that Red Head just came down to tell me that Boop is lying diagonally across her bed. Off to remedy that! A mother's work is never done. ;)


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