A mixed bag of updates

1) I saw Outsourced with Josh Hamilton for my impromptu movie night. It's about a guy in Seattle whose entire department gets outsourced to India. Let's just say I could relate - minus the trip to India and ensuing love story. It was fun. And there were movie treats which had a fabulous impact on my mood.

)I have SYTYCD spoilers. Oh yes I do! These help me rest easier. As I may have mentioned, I've become a little tiny bit emotionally invested in this season, and somehow, while I'm taking care of my own three little monkeys, I have the unshakeable feeling that my wings can extend to take care of my favorite dancers (ok, really just Evan) and that by some supermom power I'm able to actually make sure they do just a little bit better. That and lots of dialing. So, knowing which dance they (he) danced helps me sleep just a little better. I wouldn't say I'm completely at ease with what will be performed tonight, but I at least know how to pray.

I've never claimed to be completely mentally healthy.

) Betty Boop is now the proud owner of What Really Happened to Humpty Dumpty - and if anyone thought I was getting out of Borders without buying this book, you don't know my Boop very well. The Red Head is reading it to her right now. She's already heard it at least 5 times. And you know how some picture books are basically a poem with a line of text per picture and some are novellas? This is a novella. Great.

4) I can't decide on an ipod touch case. Any suggestions? I desperately need one.

5) The Mystery Man very compliantly went to sleep last night around 8 so I could watch my movie in peace. Then woke up at 11:30 and stayed up till 2:30. And woke up for good around 7. I was planning on today being uber productive to make up for yesterday but we aren't off to a good start.


Melissa Marsh said...

Sorry about Mystery Man not sleeping through the night!

June 25, 2009 at 11:48 AM

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