Recap post

1) The Red Head has been miraculously free of coughing and head colds since I took her off dairy. YAY! She still won't eat her cheerios with goat milk, or soy for that matter, but we're finding new things to eat and she's healthy for once in a very long time. I'm also not picking up kleenex from random places all over the house and car. It's a win win.

2) I keep trying to trick myself into thinking that maybe So You Think You Can Dance might be on tonight - then checking the Fox website to see if they've suddenly changed their programming, but it remains on tomorrow. So sad. Also, all those people at SYTYCD should work for the CIA, because I think I'm pretty good at finding things out with my Google Fu, but no one - NO ONE - is leaking anything at all - not who made it to Vegas week for Season 6 (yes, Ryan already tried out in LA - but that's all I know), not which choreographers are working on the show this week - not what Wade Robson was smoking last week - nothing. I just Have. To. Wait.

3) I had a lightening bolt experience where the structure and characters for my next book suddenly all came together. Now I have people, I have a place and time, some conflict - it's gonna be great. But I'm trying not to let it take over my imagination because I still have 31,000 words to write on Lamplight.

4) Speaking of Lamplight - I'll be posting the hook soon in celebration of making it halfway.

Now I have to go stop the Mystery Man from carting his chocolate milk around on his truck. It just doesn't look stable...


Travis Erwin said...

Congrats on the writing progress.

June 16, 2009 at 9:25 PM

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