Progressive Rummy Night

We played cards with the Red Head tonight after Boop and Mystery Man went to bed. She kept up a running dialogue with her cards through all 12 hands of progressive rummy. I really can't even describe the speed of her speech. She was offering jobs to some of them if they'd come back on hands when she could use their services. She was making puns. She was congratulating her wild cards.

And through it all, I was winning. Not terribly graciously, either, because my philosophy is to talk smack while you can, because you never know when you'll lose the lead.

And I did, lose the lead, right at the end, to DH.

At which point I said, "Yes, but I was ahead for longer than anyone!"

DH replied, "It's really who has the lead at the end, that counts."

I suppose if you want to get technical, that's true. But I'm sure I had more fun.


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