The Brother's K

After an entire season of feeling mostly ambivalent about American Idol (with a brief period of intense voting for The Mystery Man's favorite blonde), I'm now emotionally invested in So, You Think You Can Dance. Great. As if I didn't have enough stress in my life. My dentist thinks my teeth might be missing an entire third of their length from clenching, and NOW I have to worry about who gets kicked off week after week. AND I have to know that Ryan is auditioning RIGHT NOW for season 6 and I'll have no way of knowing if he makes it for weeks and weeks and weeks.

I'm not sure I can take it. It's a good thing I have naturally low blood pressure.

The backstory, is last season's tragedy of leaving Evan Kazprzak behind in Vegas week. The show has redeemed itself by putting him in the top 20 this time around, but not before introducing us to his brother, who is every bit as good as he is, if not better because now we know he choreographs it all, and then we saw all the tears and cheers and brotherly support and the "Ryan could use some good news" and I give! Ok, enough already! I'm a fan!

The songs, the style, the affection, the throwback to an era of respect and diligence and George Baily and Frank Capra is everything I love in art and story and who would have thought you'd find it in reality tv, too.

Which is why I'm embedding my favorite video. So you'll get it, too. I know, you're shocked. I'm not typically one to emebed videos. Not even book trailers. I, who own a flip, have not even made my own book trailer. I almost never click on videos myself, so I understand your temptation to just assume that it's some cute dance and move on. But don't. Please. Click play. You won't be sorry.


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