I am not going to be productive today. I'm not even going to pretend to be productive. This is not that day. I took the kids to the mall. I got Starbucks. I had leftovers for dinner. I intend to round out the day by searching for spoilers for So You Think You Can Dance (because you know they're all dancing right now, right!) playing with all my new apps on my new ipod touch like Doodle Jump and iBonsai without any guilt whatsoever. It's just one of those days.

DH may have sensed this, because about, oh, a month ago I remember looking into whether or not someone could be offered up as an organ donor while still alive. I might have been a bit touchy that day. I don't know why. But today DH busts out with these two gems:

me: it's just leftovers today
him: it's not JUST leftovers - it's leftovers from food you made, hon!


me: I want to watch a movie tonight. I want lots of chocolate - not crap chocolate in candy coating but real chocolate and maybe something in the fruit pectin food group. And I want you to go get these things and find a super fun movie on Netflix.
him: whatever you need

Perhaps he saw me popping the Advil and realized this was the best route, or maybe he just is a great guy, I don't know, but the kids are in bed, he's out candy shopping right now, and I'm googling. YAY!


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